The religious school at Temple Emanu-El provides a nurturing environment for all students, enabling them to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for their Jewish identity. The broad ranging curriculum - which focuses on three key area of study: The Torah, avodah (worship/service to God) and g'milut chasidim (acts of loving kindness) - gives our children the tools to understand their unique heritage and translate these ideas of love, respect and charity to both their daily personal lives and in how they conduct themselves in the community.
Temple Emanu-El's religious school considers Jewish learning to be a lifelong quest. The school strives to impart students with ethics and skills consistent with the principals and practices of Judaism, while providing them with ample opportunities to grow both spiritually and intellectually. Through prayer, gaining an appreciation and working knowledge of Hebrew and instilling the importance of tzedukah (righteous giving), the students at Temple Emanu-El's religious school are able to translate the richness of Judaism into a roadmap for navigating today's modern challenges - one that they can take with them well beyond the classroom.