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    Temple Emanu-El

  Cassi Kail, Rabbi          Henry Bamberger, Rabbi Emeritus          Joe Silberlicht, President

Dear Parents:

You are reading this because you value your Jewish heritage, and want to pass it on to your children. Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School is a place where your children can learn about Judaism—its language, history, beliefs, practices, holidays, and values. More than that, it is a place of Jewish community, a place where they can build friendships and develop a sense of self-esteem and pride in who they are. Our Religious School’s coordinator, Russell Marcus, and our phenomenal teachers are hard at work to create an exciting and nurturing environment in which every child can learn and grow, happily.

In partnership, we can create the best program possible for your children. I hope you will take an active role in encouraging your children’s Jewish learning. You can do this by attending Shabbat and holiday services with them, volunteering to help with special Religious School events, becoming active in our Religious School Committee, and simply taking an interest in your child’s learning. Please see page 4 for worship service requirements, page 5 for information about our expectations for parental involvement, and pages 7-11 for information about our updated curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year. Together we can create a vibrant and exciting home for Jewish learning and living.

The Religious School experience is a team effort.  Please contact Russell Marcus or myself with any questions or suggestions regarding school operating policies, or for consultation regarding family situations, specific learning needs, or other concerns.

Together, let’s make 5777 a phenomenal year!