A community does not function effectively without all of its members present. It is important that each child participate fully throughout the year, as many long-term themes and projects are part of our curriculum. Classes start promptly, and students are expected to arrive on time for each class.

Students are expected to attend all of their classes.  We monitor every child’s attendance.  If a child is absent repeatedly, Russell or Rabbi Cassi will contact you to discuss your child’s situation. In the event that family or health circumstances render it impossible for you to comply with our attendance policies, please contact Russell.



Jewish ethics stress the importance of giving to those in need. We do this through volunteering to work for noble causes. We also partake in tikkun olam through the positive experience of giving tzedakah (usually translated as “charity,” though more correctly defined as “righteous giving”).  Each Sunday Karen Ami (“Fund of My People”) is collected. Our Karen Ami program has been a successful tradition at Temple Emanu-El; please ensure your child’s weekly participation; even a little change each week adds up over the year. The money that is collected will be donated to organizations chosen by the students. This provides the children with the understanding of how their tzedakah benefits people who are in need, playing an important part in healing the world.



An important component of fostering a child’s Jewish identity is the worship service. By attending, students develop a comfort with the service and can apply their classroom learning.  Even more importantly, they begin to see themselves as part of a larger Jewish community. Consistent attendance will have a huge impact on your child’s Jewish identity, and will relieve a great deal of unnecessary stress as your child approaches a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Students should attend a number of services throughout the year, more as they grow. Family, class, and regular Shabbat services all count toward their requirements. Holiday services count for up to three of the required services. In addition, up to three Jewish services attended in outside congregation count. Each service will earn the child a sticker to place on a service chart posted in the Religious School office. Please help us to keep track of your children’s attendance by checking the chart during the year. At the end of the year students who meet or exceed their service requirements will receive an award honoring them (and you) for this commitment.

Service requirements are as follows:

Kindergarten: 4 services

1st grade: 5 services
2nd grade: 6 services
3rd grade: 7 services
4th grade: 8 services
5th grade: 9 services
6th grade: 10 services
7th grade: 13 services