The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone in your child’s Jewish life. There is a separate handbook for students when they reach this stage of their education, and a B’nai Mitzvah family class.  Candidates for Bar/Bat Mitzvah must satisfactorily complete four years of Religious School, complete 13 hours of community service, do a family project of your choosing, and meet the 7th grade service requirement.



Jewish education does not end with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Quite the contrary, this milestone affords students with the opportunity to explore their Jewish identities by focusing on the topics of greatest interest to them in Hebrew High classes. Students are expected to continue their Jewish education throughout their High School years, and beyond, with exciting once a month conversations with Rabbi Cassi.

          Children (adults!) who have completed their Bar/Bat Mitzvah are also encouraged to volunteer at the Religious School.  Contact Russell or Rabbi Cassi to volunteer.



It is difficult to learn any language, especially a language with a different alphabet, when we are studying one to two days a week. For this reason, homework may be assigned. Your children’s progress will be more successful if they review what they have learned, even for 5 or 10 minutes each day. If students fall behind in the Hebrew program, their teachers may ask them to complete work at home in order to keep up with the class.


We strive to create enriching special programs for Religious School students. With the assistance of Temple Sisterhood, holiday celebrations are an educational and enjoyable part of the curriculum:   eating apples and honey on Rosh Hashanah; a Chanukah party; the Purim carnival; a model seder to celebrate Pesach (Passover); and more.  In addition, each class leads us in a family service one Shabbat per year.

In order to ensure the success of each of these experiences, Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School needs your help. We expect families of students in the Religious School to sign up to help with at least two of these events this year. They require just a few hours of time, but by being present, you will help us to ensure students’ safety and well-being while enhancing dynamic Jewish learning and exploration. Please indicate on the enclosed registration form the events in which you will take part. Please also consider joining the Youth Committee, which meets about one Sunday during Religious School.