If your child must leave school early, a written request must be presented to the classroom teacher by a parent at the beginning of school.  This will enable our teachers to prepare home assignments.  A responsible party must pick up the child inside the building.  Please indicate in the parental note if someone other than the parent or guardian will pick up the student. Once inside the building, please go to the office and the Religious School secretary will dismiss your child to you.



To insure the safety of your children, the doors to Temple will be locked at all times.  When you come to the Religious School, an adult will either buzz you in or open the door for you.  Please be patient with this process.

          Occasionally, we will alert you about special drop off or pick up procedures required due to conflicts with other events at Temple.



A safe, respectful environment is essential for learning. Our Religious School creates such an environment based on the Jewish value of derech eretz --- courtesy and kindness to our fellow human beings --- and the principle of kavod --- basic respect that is owed to teachers, students, and staff.  Students and staff are all expected to uphold these core values.

On the first day of school, students and their teachers will discuss more specific expectations for their classes. Together, they will develop a b’rit, a contract or covenant, with guidelines for learning and behavioral expectations for the year.



We recognize that there are children with special physical, family, emotional, or learning challenges. The Religious School makes every effort to accommodate their special needs. However, accommodation can only occur if the parents inform us of these special situations. Parents should speak to the Religious School chair or rabbi.  Information will be shared only with the child’s teacher if necessary.  Concerns should be mentioned when the child enters school, or as soon as they become evident.



The Jewish education of your child(ren) is important to our community, and Temple Emanu-El is proud to subsidize our members’ religious education. If the current cost of Religious School is prohibitive, please do not hesitate to contact Rabbi Cassi, who will confidentially work with you.