Kindergarten and Grade 1                                          Morah: Abby Tulchinsky

Students will learn the aleph-bet song and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and begin to decode Hebrew words. This class will merge music, art, and other interactive activities, to assist our youngest students develop a love of Hebrew.


Grades Two and Three                                                 Moreh: Abby Tulchinsky

Students will continue to decode Hebrew words, strengthening their reading skills, and learning some Hebrew vocabulary—both secular words and the vocabulary of some of our most beloved prayers.


Grades Four Through Six                                              Moreh: Abby Tulchinsky

Students will take part in an exciting curriculum called Mitkadem. Mitkadem is designed to make learning Hebrew enjoyable and successful for students who learn languages at different speeds. Students will spend some time working from workbooks, individually or with a partner; and some time working on a new computer component of the curriculum, in our computer lab. Teachers and volunteers will offer thorough oversight and guidance.

Since the students can access the Hebrew program from any computer, parents can be more involved in their children’s Hebrew progress. Teachers automatically receive notification whenever a student completes an activity online, from any location.


Grade Seven (B’nei Mitzvah)                                                            Rabbi Cassi Kail

Students will meet with Rabbi Cassi, where they will reinforce their learning and understandings of Hebrew prayer, and learn how to chant Torah and Haftarah. They will also have conversations about what it means to be taking on the awesome responsibility of being an adult in the eyes of Judaism.