SHIRAH (Music)                                                                                   Morah: Linda Slavin

Students will have music approximately once a month, alternating with cultural arts and Israel studies. Students will enjoy learning about our Jewish culture through the art of music.  They will learn songs that are present in our Shabbat services as well as songs that tell stories about Jewish holidays. This will meet every other week, alternating with Tefillah.


TEFILLAH (Prayer)                                                       Morah: Rabbi Cassi Kail

Students will now have the opportunity to learn and pray the morning Tefillah (prayer service). Complete with songs, dancing, and an exploration of the meaning of prayer, this short service will engage students of all ages in prayer, utilizing their newfound Hebrew skills, contextualizing Jewish traditions, and embracing each child’s inquisitive nature.


CULTURAL ARTS                                                                            Morah: Keri Campbell

Students will enjoy expanding their classroom knowledge in our cultural arts class through hands-on projects with crafts, cooking, drama and dance.  They will use their creativity to make original projects for the various celebrations throughout the year. Cultural arts will meet approximately every other week, alternating with Israel studies.    


ISRAEL STUDIES                                                                             Moreh: Vic Pearlman

Students in Grades K-5 will have the opportunity to explore their relationship to Israel. Through age-appropriate lessons, they will consider topics such as why Israel was important to their ancestors, what it means that the Jewish calendar is firmly based on the agricultural norms of Israel, geography, and the diversity within Israel. Older students will be able to explore some of the challenges in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the concept of Israel as a Promised Land, and religious pluralism within the modern state of Israel. This class will meet approximately every other week, alternating with Cultural arts.


HOLOCAUST STUDIES                                                               Moreh: Dan Van Leeuwen

This course will cover the period from the 1930's (pre-Holocaust Germany) to 1948 (post holocaust and the founding of the Jewish state). It will be geared to the ages of the students . There will be a focus on letters, written, at that time, by children at each stage of the Holocaust. Discussions will be encouraged. Moreh Dan will also contribute some experiences of his own family. Parents are welcome to participate at any time.