Temple Operating Funds – General operation of the Temple (salaries, utilities, religious school, mowing, plowing, choir)
Operating Fund
      Temple Endowment Fund – Interest only goes to Operating
      Tree of Life – Leaves $100., Bricks $300. – proceeds go to the Endowment Fund
      Simcha Board Fund – $50.
      Memorial Plaque Fund – $300.
Capital Funds – Repair or improvement of Temple Building and Cemetery
      Capital Fund
      Irving Bloom Fund
      Victor Merdler Fund
Cemetery Fund – Maintains perpetual care of the Cemetery
Education and Cultural Events
      Waldman Fund – Provides Waldman lecture event each year
      Betty Becker Fund – Cultural activities
      Laurel Mussman Fund – Adult education
Youth Service Awards and Youth Group Activities
      Budoff Memorial Scholarship – Scholarship trip to Israel
      Halpern Youth Service Fund – Award for service to Temple
      Marans/Kline Fund – Books awarded to Confirmation
      Youth Fund – For extra-ordinary T.E.Y. projects
      Miller Trust Fund – Youth camperships
Prayer Book and Bible Fund – Purchase of prayer books and Bibles
Library Fund – Purchase of Books and equipment for the library
Eric Jon Smith Memorial Fund – For fighting against anti-semitism and community out reach
Special Projects Fund – Unbudgeted items
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund – Rabbi’s discretion
Religious School Project Fund – Special programs for school
Sisterhood Funds – Includes Etta Rothstein Happy Day, Tree of Life (Painted), New Year’s Greetings, Sisterhood Cares
Roof Fund