“But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of God came upon him.” – 2 Kings 3:15

Music has the capacity to lift up our soul and connect us with God in a way that nothing else can. Music at Temple Emanu-El includes grand, ornate pieces, as well as highly approachable ones. Each reflects a different aspect of our relationship with God, Torah, and Jewish tradition.

Calling all singers:

Temple Emanu-El’s choir is made up of a group of people of all ages. At rehearsals, you will be a part of a lively community which as the opportunity to learn prayers, their meanings and their music. You will help lead the congregation in meaningful prayers during some Shabbat services throughout the year. Singers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.


Hanukkah Candle Prayer:


Shabbat Candle Prayer: